Randa Kassis is a Franco-Syrian politician, a secular woman originating from a Christian family. She is the President and founder of the movement of the pluralistic society. She was a member of the Syrian National Council until August 2012. 
Her father, a professor of psychology at the Faculty of Damascus who took part in a Syrian opposition party, suffered psychological pressure (by being forbidden to write articles) thus making him flee to Algeria for 4 years, from 1979-1983. His family followed him from the year 1981 to 1983. 
When he returned to Syria, he resumed his duties at the University of Damascus until his death in 1989. 
After receiving the baccalaureate, Randa Kassis moves to Germany in 1988, at the age of 17, where she would stay for the next 3 years. She later moves to Paris, where she currently lives.
From a young age, Randa Kassis has been revolted against the Syrian society. She starts questioning herself about politics and meanwhile, starts opposing Christianity, her parents’ religion, which is caused by the woman’s position in religion.
She later becomes preoccupied by the minimal political, cultural, and social change occurring in Syria. According to her, this is also caused by the acceptance and resignation of the people of Syria.
While all adolescents join the Baathists by fear of retaliation, Kassis refuses to join the party. Her father supports this initiative, preferring to let his daughter decide for herself and assuring him that no harm will be done to her. Indeed, Randa Kassis has never suffered physically or psychologically, from this decision.
In 1987, she chooses to follow in her father’s footsteps by studying in psychology and anthropology.
She has also published a book called Les Coulisse des Dieux, which is a book on religions, their origins, and their ways of functioning. The book contains 3 distinguished parts:
• Research on Totemic Systems
• The myths and the process that leads to sexual beliefs.
• Psycho-neurology, and the old and new theories.
In 2010, Kassis starts playing a role in the Tunisian revolution. She even dedicates an article on this subject, making her realize her desire to get involved in the Syrian political life. She thus creates the movement of the pluralistic society in October 2012.
Kassis no longer takes part in the Syrian National Council, from which she has been excluded from due to several declarations alerting the Syrian Opposition about the rise of Muslim fundamentalists. 
Political Activities:
President of the movement of the pluralistic society – From 2012 (which unites Atheists, Christians, Alawites, Sunnites, Kurds, and other ethnic minorities).
President of the Syrian Secular Coalition – From September 2011 until July 2012
Member of the Syrian National Council – From December 2011 until August 2012.
One of the founders and Treasurers of the Association for the protection of freedom of speech in the Arab world – From 2007 until 2009.