Tangier Morocco         14/11/2015

Randa Kassis at the forum MEDays, Tangier Morocco.
MEDays 2015: The Fail of the Global War against the Terrorism. Continue reading

Let’s talk peace!
Genève     19/09/2014

This year’s theme is “Let’s Talk Peace!”. The Geneva Peace Talks 2014 will highlight how communication tools, techniques, and channels can contribute to resolving conflict. Speakers will reflect on how they have personally overcome the challenges of communication in their involvements in peacebuilding, communications, peace negotiations, as well as discussions with perpetrators of violence and underrepresented groups to build lasting peace. Continue reading

 MEDays, MAROC              15/11/20013 

Randa Kassis, présidente fondatrice du Mouvement de la société pluraliste en Syrie, intervenant, vendredi (15/11/13) à Tanger, lors d’une séance spéciale consacrée à la crise syrienne, dans le cadre du Forum Medays de Tanger. Continue reading

UNIVERSITY OF ROME, ITALY         21/06/2013


The relationship between law and religion is an actual and thorny problem, especially in the light of the development, in the Euro-Mediterranean area, of multiple ethical and religious feelings which have generated more and more complex and elaborate, as a result of the relevant migratory flows characterizing the present articulated relations. All this is the result of the relevant migrations which characterize the present situation. Continue reading

Assemblée nationale, France      29/05/2013

Les membres du groupe de travail entendent Mme Randa Kassis, femme politique franco-syrienne, présidente du Mouvement de la société pluraliste et ancienne membre du Conseil national syrien, accompagnée de M. Fabien Baussart, président du CPFA (Center of political and foreign affairs). Continue reading


The Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy is the largest gathering of dissidents and former political prisoners at the seat of the UN Human Rights Council. Continue reading


  • Invité d’honneur :  Alain Juppé.
  • Ancien premier ministre, ancien ministre des affaires étrangères.
  • Avec Samir Aïta, Denis Bauchard, Ibrahim Daher,
  • Randa Kassis, Antoine Sfeir et Henri Plagnol.
  • Débat animé par Vincent Hervouët. Continue reading