UNIFEED                     13/05/2015
As part of the ongoing Geneva Consultations on Syria, Special Envoy de Mistura met with Randa Kassis, President and Founder of the Movement of the Pluralistic Society. Continue reading
Tengri News            07/05/2015


Kazakhstan’s capital Astana will host talks on the Syrian crisis on May 25-27,Tengrinews reports citing RIA Novosti. The talks have been held for four years already with a sole aim of resolving the Syrian crisis that initially started as a pro-democracy revolt and turned into a multi-sided civil war after the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government responded with violent crackdowns. It has already killed over 200 thousand people, according to the United Nations. Continue reading

Reuters                         05/04/2015

The Syrian government and some opposition figures will start a second round of talks in Moscow on Monday focusing on humanitarian issues, although a broader agreement is unlikely as Syria’s main opposition group continues to boycott the talks. Continue reading

La Croix                   16/01/2015

Randa Kassis, a Syrian secular opposition figure, has been invited to take part in the negotiations in Moscow bringing together Syrians from the Assad regime and members of the opposition at the end of January.

She has long been kept at a distance from her native country, Syria, but she wants to participate in its rebirth. Born in Damas in 1970, Randa Kassis spent her childhood in a complex family scenario, with a Greek-Catholic father opposed to the regime of the Al-Assad family and a Greek Orthodox mother, who was a militant supporter of the government. Continue reading