The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation      28/11/2014

On 28 November, the Russian President’s Special Representative for the Middle East and Africa, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mikhail Bogdanov met with Randa Kassis, Chairman of the Syrian opposition Movement for a Pluralistic Society, who is visiting Moscow. Continue reading

France 24              20/05/2013

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has lost control of northern and southern Syria and is focused on a strategic corridor linking the Mediterranean coast to Damascus. Will this accelerate the fragmentation of Syria?

More than two years after the conflict began, Syria today is totally transformed. While experts discuss the threat of partition, on the ground, Syria is effectively a divided country. Continue reading

Radical Islam               06/08/2012

Syrian dictator Bashar Assad is on his way out and the best he can hope for is to create an Allawite mini-state for his loyalists. Al-Qaeda smells blood in the water and wants a piece of the pie once Assad falls. The Muslim Brotherhood, like Al-Qaeda, envisions an Islamic State of Syria. Some of the secular rebels determined to overthrow Assad are worried, warning that the Islamists are pulling the rug from under their feet. Continue reading

France 24             18/09/2011

The coalition is made up of Muslim, Christian, Arab and Kurd activists who are “united by the human and universal values of secularism and democracy”, spokesperson Randa Kassis told FRANCE 24 on Sunday. “We are all against totalitarianism in any form, and that includes Islamist rule,” she said. Continue reading

Reuters         16/09/2011

France welcomed the formation of a Syrian National Council by activists working to bring down President Bashar al Assad, the foreign ministry said on Friday, noting French officials met this week in Paris with Syrian opposition members. Continue reading


Kirkuk, April 28 (AKnews) – “A lot of my paintings express my unconciouns and the
paintings of women in large wide unlimited areas represent me the most,”Writer and
Fine Artist Randa Kassis said in the interview by the correspondent of the Independent
National News Agency of Kurdistan (AKnews) “Sardar Zanganah”, adding that she
“succeeded to some extent, where “the Hidden Nakedness” paiting style is registered
to my name, but I moved away from drawing gradually where I recently adopted a
different tool to express the ideas that give me sleepless nights through the pen”. Continue reading

Oasis             25/02/2010

In an article titled The many faces behind the veil, The Independent looked at the issue through the eyes of a number of Muslim women from different social and cultural backgrounds, some in favour, others against the full veil. The outcome is a colourful and varied picture of Muslim women, but one that fails to address the deeper essence of the French debate, which is, “Whether or not women should be fined for wearing a veil in public or in the streets? Is such a veil a religious symbol or not? Why does France appear to fear something that has religious resonance? Ultimately, The Independent appears to back the idea that the burqa is more than a symbol of women’s submission, that it might actually be a liberating way to express one’s own identity. Continue reading