UNIVERSITY OF ROME, ITALY         21/06/2013


The relationship between law and religion is an actual and thorny problem, especially in the light of the development, in the Euro-Mediterranean area, of multiple ethical and religious feelings which have generated more and more complex and elaborate, as a result of the relevant migratory flows characterizing the present articulated relations. All this is the result of the relevant migrations which characterize the present situation.

The debate over the space to acknowledge juridical expectations deriving from the encounter/confrontation of different religions and cultures regards, among other issues, international, constitutional, regional and maritime laws.

Starting from theoretical, philosophical and legal considerations, this workshop aims at analyzing the links between the religious and juridical aspects of Mediterranean and European States.

The first session will examine the connection between religion and law in the light of the revolutions in North-African countries, with a special attention to gender and childhood rights.

The second session will be instead dedicated to the analysis of the concepts of pluralism and freedom of worship in the context of European public space, with a special attention to the experiences of several Euro-Mediterranean States, Italy among them.


BROCHURE JUNE 21 University of Rome

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