Ortcom        04/10/2015

In Astana was finished the second round of negotiations between representatives of the Syrian opposition, resulting with the final declaration to combat the crisis in Syria.

“I want to express my gratitude to the President Nursultan Nazarbayev, who has given the opportunity to meet for the second time here. At the first conference were signed several documents with initiatives to combat the crisis. On the second round of negotiations we added the initiative for solving the crisis in Syria,” said the leader of the Syrian Movement for Pluralistic Society Randa Kassis.

The negotiators of “Astana-2” paid special attention to the problem of refugees in the region.

“This issue will not be removed until there is a war in Syria. The only way to stop the stream of refugees – to stay bloodshed in the country. It is necessary to elaborate a fair political solution, which will reflect the views of the majority of Syrian society,” said another representative of the Syrian opposition Bassam Bitar.

The conference was attended by 37 people – representatives of different political currents Syria.

Recall, the first round of negotiations was held in Astana, May 25-27 this year. The two-day reconciliation talks ended with the signing of the document summing up the results of negotiations. The document calls for the withdrawal of all foreign militants and stressed on the need to create a united front against terrorism.