AK News            28-04-2010

“A lot of my paintings express my unconciouns and the paintings of women in large wide unlimited areas represent me the most,”Writer and Fine Artist Randa Kassis said in the interview by the correspondent of the Independent National News Agency of Kurdistan (AKnews) “Sardar Zanganah”, adding that she “succeeded to some extent, where “the Hidden Nakedness” paiting style is registered to my name, but I moved away from drawing gradually where I recently adopted a different tool to express the ideas that give me sleepless nights through the pen”.
About this issue and others she talked in the following interview:
Sardar Zanganah: What can the Writer and Fine Artist Randa Kassis say about herself?
Randa Kassis: I’m trying to stay out of any restriction or prison, and I look hard to
extract individual and group experiments found in different cultures to find a new
humanitarian pattern, and this promotes me to discover the life linked with non
restricted freedom, hence I search for a tool to express what is found in the depths to
discover life through the constant search for knowledge and extensive attempts to
expand the perception.

S.Z: Where do you find yourself more? in writing or painting?
R.K: After I did my best in the field of painting, I’m tending now to academic writing which reflects in turn my concerns and my serious attempts to understand strange things. I believe that there are stages in the individual’s life and we should change the used tool for expression to prevent repetition and to incite our deepest creativity to contribute in creating a new style that reflects our internal mental side. Years ago, I began to feel inclined towards humanitarian writing, and my paintings belong now to the past that helped me to select the ideas and concepts that suit me and helped me to identify myself, and a lot of paintings expressed my unconciouns and maybe I can say that my paintings of women in unlimited areas are the most paintings that represent me.

S.Z: How did you start painting? to which school do you belong?
R.K: My frequent visits to my brother’s work place pushed me to have this experience where I started to feel that painting invades my life and my mind. I was always trying to create a new style for me and I succeeded to some extent, where “the Hidden Nakedness” paiting style is registered to my name, but I moved away from drawing gradually where I recently adopted a different tool to express the ideas that give me sleepless nights through the pen.

S.Z: Do you think that writing is a talent? Is this talent enough or there is an urgent need to learn other arts?
R.K: I think that all sorts of innovation depend on experience and long search. We can extract the talents through a clear vision for ourselves. I believe that the essential condition of creativity is knowing the target hiding behind our desires and choices so that we can penetrate the ideas to add new things on them, and this depends on the psychological thirst for discovery, and not feeling full, but taking small doses when feeling partially with the insistence on the progress and ongoing research and interfering with the sense of responsibility toward what we had chosen. The Writer and Fine Artist Randa Kassis is an artist since many years. She wanted other tools to express herself so she studied theater, and thanks to it, she found the tool that fits her which is writing. She published many articles and she is currently doing researches for her book which deals with human evolution. She ended the first chapter which talks about the psychological and neurological theories and she is currently working on the second chapter to show the instinctive resources in humans.