CCTV+               19/11/2015

Syria’s parliamentary elections should be held at the beginning of 2016, said Randa Kassis, leader of the Syrian opposition Movement for a Pluralistic Society on Thursday in Moscow, Russia. 
Randa Kassis said the opposition had met with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov and asked Russia to press the Syrian government to hold parliamentary elections, among other things, in short term to eventually solve Syrian problems with a democratic solution.
Randa Kassis said Russia is quite active about the proposal.
“The elections must be fair and transparent, with all parties being able to participate. We hope the election can be held in February 2016 and there is not much time left. During this period of time, we must work with the United Nations, and Mr. de Mistura to set up a special committee to prepare for the parliamentary elections. We also need to rewrite the constitution and set up a transitional government,” said Randa Kassis.
Representatives of Syrian oppositions held a meeting in Astana, Kazakhstan, in October 2015, saying they were well prepared to take part in the parliamentary elections in 2016.