Meeting between Beibut Atamkulov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, Randa Kassis, President of the Astana Platform, and Fabien Baussart, President of CPFA, in the presence of Deputy Minister Roman Vassilenko and Aidarbek Tumatov, Director of the Middle East. 
They had a friendly and fruitful discussion, where they spoke about the crisis in Syria and the need to achieve peace negotiated in respect for plurality.
Fabien Baussart noted the crucial and historic role of President N. Nazarbayev in the fight against nuclear non-proliferation since the 1990s.
Randa Kassis thanked President Nazarbayev and Kazakhstan for agreeing to initiate political talks in 2015, after the appeal she launched, and for hosting negotiations at the end of 2016.
Kazakhstan’s contribution to peace has been paramount.